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PowerPoint Skills for Litigators Webinars: Recording and New Session on Animation, Video & Hyperlinks

  Free Recording Available: PowerPoint Skills for the Litigator: Templates, Timelines and Tools Our webinar on PowerPoint Skills for Litigators last week had great attendance and enthusiastic reviews from attendees. The webinar recording is now available for viewing, and you can download the slides used in the presentation for your own use. In this recorded webinar, Mike […]
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PowerPoint Features Litigators Should Be Using – Free Webinar Wed. 10/8 at Noon Pacific

At Cogent Legal, we often help litigators with PowerPoint, and now we plan to share some of our PowerPoint secrets for litigators in a free webinar. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at noon Pacific, and you can register by clicking here. Here’s a short video preview of the webinar and some of […]
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How Storyboards Helped Win a Multimillion-Dollar Verdict

Storyboards can be a great option for your case presentation. Storyboards can be as effective (and sometimes more effective) than an animation. Additionally, storyboards inevitably cost less than animations, since doing a storyboard is generally the first step of an animation, and then a significant amount of time (and money) is spent actually animating and rendering the concepts. I also have found that storyboards are easier to get admitted into evidence, since judges see them as simply helping explain expert or witness testimony.
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